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Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) are issuing increasing numbers of ADRs (Additional Developmental Requests). Your Responses to Medicare ADR's and RAC Audits must be complete and accurate. If not, your claims will be denied. Not only can this be very costly, but some agencies have found their license in jeopardy as well.

Our legal nurses have over 20 years of experience in identifying the essential documentation needed for ADR appeals. To avoid any future ADRs, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with clinical feedback and recommendations for increased compliance and improved medical records reporting processes.

We are experts in helping Home Health Care Agencies and Hospice Agencies successfully deal with medical reviews through the Additional Document Request or Additional Development Request ("ADR") process.

We specialize in the following 5 levels of the appeals process and can work in collaboration with our Medicare Attorney's.

  • MACs
  • RACs
  • ZPICs
  • CERTs
  • Probe & Educate
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Get ready for your Probe & Educate Audit

If you are a Medicare agency, you are guaranteed to receive what is called an Additional Developmental Request (ADR) for up to FIVE CHARTS from your Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC).

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Home health reimbursement has undergone the most significant transformation since its inception. The recent CMS announcement of Medicare CERTs and the Probe & Educate mandatory auditing processes has had a significant financial impact on many Home Health and Hospice agencies.

Our experienced team includes Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, Registered Nurses,  Medicare Billers and Coders, CPAs and Attorneys. All of which have extensive experience working in the Home Health Care and Hospice setting.

Our highly qualified team work together to assist clients improve their operational performance, manage and find solutions to existing problems, develop best practices, and prepare for future change and challenges in the Home Health and Hospice industry.

Medicare ADR Consultants

We provide you with one on one assistance focusing on all the data that your agency will be required to have to complete a successful ADR audit. We assist you with the preparation of the medical record documents for the time frame requested. The goal of this process is to assure your Home Health or Hospice agency is accurately reimbursed for services provided and to prevent future unwarranted medical record reviews.

We understand the challenges you face every day. We have a team of 20 Home Health /Hospice Consultants that Includes seven registered nursing ADR experts to help you measure the impact of regulatory changes, develop a plan to offset negative effects, and implement measures that can improve your financial and operational performance.


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